Monday, May 08, 2006

Summer 2k6 Begins...

So now I'm cool enough to have my own blog! What will I surprise y'all with next?

It's the beginning of summer. I would ordinarily be excited, however, there is nothing to do right now. None of my high school friends are home (and if they are even coming home for the summer they wont be here for a while). I'm already bored. I decided after spending 2 hours at home (in the bed bored out of my mind) that I was getting a job ASAP. I don't know where...but I'll embark on the quest tomorrow.

I got home today around 3. I spent the morning finishing up the horrendous packing job that was my car and helped Darby pack up the last of his crap as well. He leaves for France tomorrow. I've been crying. It's sad. People just like to leave me. Yeah, I said it, but it's true. All I have to say is I'm looking SO forward to the Fall. I had horrible grades. I'm ready to prove to myself (and the school) that I can pull them up. I also can't wait to see my awesome boyfriend again. He's Sooooo bad ass...hahaha. If you haven't him, though, you'll have to, because if you're reading this I'm assuming you're my friend, and if you're my friend, then he's too cool of a guy for you not to meet. haha! *I love you, Darby* I apologize for all the gayness that is this e-mail, but I can't help it. I'm going to miss my boyfriend a lot, and I'm bored out of my mind, and I'm just flat out relieved that I'm done with this HORRIBLE semester of my life! All of the above said factors contribute to why I probably make just about zero sense right now. You know what? I DON'T care!!!

Ah- How weird I am...

So anyway- thought I'd update you all on the Summer plans...

Ha- look at that "you all" above... I've spent too much time with Miranda, who thinks she can't say y'all just because she's from the north (i.e. Kentucky)...Hilarious.

So... I'm spending the first month of the summer here.

And then my Summer plans go as follows:

June 1st-June 21st?---Europe (Mediterranean Cruise and some random traveling)... I'll also be in Africa for a day or so... Hell yes, Morocco!! And some Asia, too--- excitement.

July 5th-July 16th--- South Carolina Beach Scene! Various beaches in South Carolina... I may not be gone this whole time, considering I could be job-full? I don't know if I can pull that word off...

July 28th-August 5th--- Destin, Florida...MAYBE... MAYBE NOT... I want to see my boyfriend and he gets back right around this time period... And he may just take precedence over the beach... We'll just have to see how tan I am... because that matters above all, right? JUST KIDDING!!

Well... Yay for the summer.

Yay for having plans.

Yay for hopefully keeping myself as occupied as I possibly can so I can keep missing Darby to a minimum... but that'll be super hard.

Yay for my first blog!!!